Ich nutze meine Expertise in Mode- und Portraitfotografie, setze professionelle Beleuchtung, Kulissen und Posen ein und wende sie auf Ihre Portraitaufnahmen an. So entstehen markante, ins-Auge-springende Porträts.


Working with startups and technology companies, I tend to avoid overly staged, posed photos; instead, opting for more authentic, natural, spontaneous photos. I employ creative, innovative angles and compositions and look for off-beat moments and interesting backgrounds as well.


Asked to photograph Jochen Thewes, Chairman of the Board, DB Schenker. 2 Billion Passengers a year!


What an honor to be asked to photograph the TPT Conference in Berlin, a gathering of "Leaders, Thinkers, Influencers and Doers from around the world,” among them, Felipe Calderon, ex-President of Mexico and the CEO of Unilever, Paul Polman.


I am often hired to photograph digital and technology conferences in Berlin and I am always looking for those moments that inspire, that engage the viewer.

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