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Magalie Chauvin, Director of Marketing, Rémy Deslandes, CEO, INCC Parfums, Thibaud de Vaulchier, VP of Sales, INCC. 

I am experienced Business Event Photographer and work a lot in the corporate event photography market. I photograph gala celebrations, anniversary parties, awards dinners, product launches and other public relations events, as well as employee functions like company picnics and holiday parties. Among my clients are also charities and other non-profit organizations, such as arts and cultural institutions. I also work with government agencies and organizations.

Because I am based in Berlin, I work a great deal with business clients and governmental agencies located here. However, I work just as frequently with companies from all over the world. My clientele is truly international.

When I am commissioned to photograph a business event, I always keep the client and their needs firmly in mind. Every company is different and often have a different criteria for their images; some want more staged, traditional photos; other allow for more creativity and candid work, and sometimes, a company would like a mixture of both. Therefore, I always tailor my approach to meet the company’s objectives and vision.

My photos help back up a company’s expertise and help promote their brand and market presence. I provide the highest quality visual content for my clients, ensuring great PR for your event and with photos that can be used time and again for your website, brochures, and marketing materials.

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