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Considered to be one of the premiere Startup and Tech Event Photographers, I work often with the largest technology company and startup events in Berlin.

I really enjoy working with startups and tech companies. Their events are usually bristling with energy and enthusiasm, which make it a really fun type of event to photograph. In addition to capturing the excitement and atmosphere of the event, I place particular emphasis on images of collaboration, engagement and diversity.

I am not your run of the mill photographer who is content to merely document your event. I really try to create beautiful, eye-catching images that you can use forever in your press, social media, and in your marketing materials. My style tends to be authentic, cutting edge, genuine, hip and innovative.

Images are a great way to digest content online and to sell your product, but you can only do that if you have great images that capture the attention of people and set you apart from your competition.

Working with startups and technology companies, I tend to avoid overly staged, posed photos; instead, opting for more authentic, natural, spontaneous photos. I employ creative, innovative angles and compositions and look for off-beat moments and interesting backgrounds as well.

In addition to events for startups and techology companies, I also do editorial photography for online websites. With a background as a two time Academy Award recognized filmmaker and recipient of several directing awards, I am naturally drawn to creating narratives with my images, so editorial photography comes very naturally to me.

Some online companies have expressed concern that they don’t have something tangible to sell, like a car or an iphone, something you can hold or see, but I feel creating the context for your product with authentic moments and interactions and showing how a client uses your product and visualizing the benefits it provides, one can turn this “intangible” product into something very tangible.

Establishing and building a strong working relationship, I brainstorm with you and your team to create a Brand Story that tells your story, defines your corporate culture and promotes your brand’s presence.

Whether it’s a Startup or Tech Conference in Berlin or an online Brand Story, I always capture your unique swag so that you can show it off to the world!

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