Today, being just a great artist is not enough; an artist must know how to properly and distinctly brand themselves. Photography is one of the most valuable communication assets an artist can employ to show themselves and their art to the world.

I also consider myself an artist, and therefore, I always feel very at home when I am commissioned to photograph an actor, a filmmaker, a musician, or a painter. As an Artist Photographer in Berlin, I love working with artists and providing them with great results.

Whether I am working with a creative agency, a photo editor from a magazine or directly with the artist, I always build a strong working relationship with my client in which we discuss what types of images the artist needs and how the artist would lilke to come across. With that in mind, I make choices regarding location, lighting, color, and composition that best tell the artist's unique story and fulfills their vision. In the end, you receive photos that bring your profile to life and capture you the way you want to be perceived.

If you want an artist portrait that is a little out of the box, innovative and impactful, I would love to work with you!

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