Hi, I'm Andrew Grauman.

I am a Professional Photographer based in Berlin who works in Event-, Fashion- and Portrait Photography.

Born in Washington D.C., raised in Charlottesville, Virginia, and now live and work in Berlin, Germany. Love Berlin – it’s such a vibrant, dynamic city. It’s all things – gritty/elegant, down-to-earth/sophisticated, ugly/beautiful. Whether one is just passing through or staying a while, Berlin is a city that offers something for everyone.

I am always looking to give back to the city that has awarded me so much.

My projects are mostly Event Photography and Fashion Editorial with a client list that includes well known international brands, such as Estée Lauder, Facebook, Mercedes-Benz, Shopify, TikTok, and WeWork. I have done fashion work for notable magazines, such as Interview, L’Officiel, and Solstice and have photographed a lot of top business executives and politicians from Germany and abroad. On my photography blog, I will share anecdotes from projects and offer advice to photographers at any level of learning. I will also make a point to share advice and offer photography tips that are not covered so extensively online. I hope that these tips will help you become a better photographer.

What motivates me as a Photographer? To create and capture beauty and to share it with others.

What motivates me as an Event Photographer? To provide my client with the very best Event Photos possible so that they can successfully brand their event and win more customers, investors, and partners.

What motivates me as a Fashion Photographer? To create a visual metaphor of a brands’ identity.

What motivates me a Portrait Photographer? To capture moments of engagement and expression.

People I would most like to photograph: Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett, Robert Downey Jr., Mario Testino. Amber Valleta, Larry David, George Clooney, Gal Gadot, Ryan Gosling. Jennifer Lawrence. Jeff Bridges, Chris Martin. Beyonce. Robert Deniro.

…a little Snapshot of me. Photography Tips and Expert Advice to come….