As one of the leading Event Photographers in Germany, I often work at the largest start-up and technology events in Berlin. My clients include among others: Contentful, Deutsche Telekom, Google, Instagram, Meta, N26, Shopify, Sifted, TechStars, and WeWork. In addition to capturing the excitement and atmosphere of the event, I attach particular importance to images of cooperation, commitment and diversity.

I am not your typical photographer who is content to merely document your event. I really strive to create beautiful, eye-catching images that you can use forever in your press, social media, and marketing materials. I capture the keynote speakers, key moments and atmosphere of your event in a modern and genuine way, but also offer a unique perspective that other photographers may not offer and that can set you apart from your competition. Whether it's new photos for your website, an advertising campaign or an important event, I achieve images that are dynamic, impactful, and genuine.