I am a professional Fashion Photographer in Berlin, who specializes in women’s and men’s fashion, beauty, and portrait photography. As a professional fashion photographer, I take photos in close collaboration with magazines, new designers and established brands. With a clear, creative vision and a passion for photography, I achieve unique images for advertising, editorial, fashion and lifestyle photography. I also offer shootings for lookbooks and model portfolios. My passion as a fashion photographer is the staging of inspiring photos that arouse the imagination and captivate the viewer. As your personal fashion photographer, I create meaningful visualizations of your brand - in my photo studio in Berlin, or on location, here in Germany or abroad.

Fashion Shoots in Berlin, Germany

I love Berlin and I love to stage shootings here. The capital may not be as fashionable as London, Milan or Paris, but Berlin is certainly one of the most dynamic cities in the world. With its own style and signature, it is the perfect environment for fashion photographers and artists to experiment and innovate. Berlin also attracts some of the best international and creative talent and is home to many interesting emerging artists, fashion photographers and models. Regardless whether it's „gritty street style“, “effortlessly cool”, “upscale” and “luxurious”, Berlin offers backdrops for every genre of fashion photography and is therefore an ideal location for fashion shoots.

Berlin has granted me the opportunity to work on many amazing, successful projects. Because of that, I am always looking for ways to give something back to the city as a fashion photographer and to show the fashion world the great potential of Berlin. So feel free to contact me if you need Fashion Photography in Berlin and let us make use of this amazing city and everything it offers to create a stunning fashion shoot!

Fashion Photography with a Contemporary, Elegant Style

My photos focus on authenticity, beauty, fashion, and feminine power. For me, attractiveness, grace and elegance are based much more on the character and actions of an individual than on their appearance. As a Fashion Photographer, of course, I often work with “beautiful” subjects in my work. For me, “beauty without expression” is boring. That is why I attach great importance to building a trusting and positive relationship with my models and clients so that they can open up to me and express themselves in a natural way. You don't have to be a supermodel to create an authentic photo, you have to have an interesting charisma. With my photos I always strive to convey a feeling of authenticity, connectedness, and intimacy. Images that resonate beauty and intelligence.
Before my recent entry into the fashion world, I worked as an Event Photographer and Portrait Photographer , I have photographed presidents, vice-presidents, ministers and business leaders from around the world. Although it is a different skill set than fashion advertising and requires a different perspective, it has taught me a lot about photography, communication, branding, and working on high pressure, demanding shoots.

My foray into fashion has provided me with an opportunity to meet and work with so many creative, fascinating people and has allowed me to express myself creatively. In addition, I really enjoy the collaborative process, the challenges of a new project, and pulling off a great shoot.

Book me for the following types of Shootings:

  • Editorial and Commercial Fashion Photography
  • Campaigns and Brand Shoots
  • Catalog
  • E-Commerce Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Celebrity- and Glamour-Porträts
  • Model Portfolio Shoots

Andrew Grauman - Fashion Shoots with a clear Vision

In a short amount of time, I have worked with international brands such as Aveda, Estée Lauder, LMH.Fashion, and Mercedes Benz Parfumes. My fashion shoots have been published internationally in numerous fashion magazines such as Elegant, Elléments, Institute, Interview, Minc, Modacycle, Scorpio Jin, Solstice, Solis and Surreal. I am inspired by the great masters such as Irving Penn, Helmut Newton, Peter Lindbergh, and Mario Testino, great magazines, like Vogue and Elle, and by music, books and cinema. Influenced by artists of all kinds, I take these ideas, mix them up and develop something new - this is how my particular fashion photography style is created!

My style tends to be contemporary, elegant, intimate, sensual, luxurious and is characterized by sophisticated lighting, bold colors and strong posing.

The Advantages of having a Professional Fashion Photographer based in Berlin

You benefit from the many advantages that I provide as an expert photographer. Creative and fiercely dedicated, I am satisfied only when the client is satisfied. I utilize only high quality camera equipment and lighting. I am very at ease with all types of people. Directing models and eliciting the right expressions and poses are skills I count as strengths.

I place a high priority on communication and collaboration on every shoot. This enables me get on the same page with my client, so that we know exactly what type of photos we want and how we can acheive them in the most efficient way. A thorough preproduction also allows us to identify and avoid potential problems that may arise on the actual shoot. As a result of this close collaboration and expert communication, we achieve maximum results with the greatest efficiency.

As someone who has lived and worked in Berlin for years, I have developed a strong network of models, stylists, makeup artists, assistants, and editors, which allows me to provide my clients with a formidable team of hard-working, talented crew. ‘Cool Berlin’, ‘gritty Berlin’ or ‘upscale Berlin’, I know great locations for every type of shooting.

I also draw on my previous experience as a film producer and production manager (listed as Andrew Kramp), where I led casts and crews with up to 230 persons. I gained a lot of experience working under high pressure situations, with A-list Talent, meeting deadlines, and leading large creative and technical teams. For me, no shoot is too small, and no shoot is too big. I enjoy both.

Creative, flexible, organized, and professional, I channel your ideas and goals into a strong, clear visual expression. As a result, you get fantastic photos that help sell you and your brand!

The Advantages of Shooting with Me:

  • Creative Vision and Style
  • Good Understanding of commerical Photography and Advertising
  • Technical Expertise
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Years of Experience
  • Solution-oriented Mentality
  • Skilled at Directing Models
  • Team Leadership Skills
  • Individual and Expressive Photos
  • Maximum Customer Satisfaction


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As an established Fashion Photographer, I shoot on location and in my studio in Berlin for advertising, e-commerce, editorial, fashion, lifestyle, lookbook and model photography. Regardless whether you need fashion photography for a catalog, a magazine or a website, I make your brand shine! I take photos that set you apart from the sea of competition and help you attract more customers and partners.

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